Mum looking for Samsung Note8 lost outside Orchard Hotel as it has 'irreplaceable' photos of her kids

Submitted by Stomper MM

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Stomper MM was distraught after she discovered that her phone, a black Samsung Galaxy Note8, was missing. 

The incident happened outside Orchard Hotel last Friday (Nov 3) at around 5am.

According to MM, she tried calling the phone after that.

It rang for the first two times, but no one answered.  On her third and fourth attempts, the phone was switched off. 

MM subsequently deactivated her SIM card and credit cards out of fear that the person who took the phone may exploit their usage. 

Said MM: "The handphone is very important to me as it contains many pictures of my kids since they were young. I didn't backup the photos.

"These memories happen once in a lifetime and are irreplaceable. 

"Please return to me if you found the phone.”

Kindly contact us at or WhatsApp 9384 3761 if you have found the missing phone.