Mum and daughter refuse to pay after breaking tupperware at KL market, hurl vulgarities instead

A video of a mother and her daughter refusing to pay for a Tupperware bottle which they had allegedly damaged went viral on Facebook. 

The incident happened at a stall in Pasar Malam Taman Connaught, a night market in Kuala Lumpur on July 5, reports World of Buzz

The stall owner uploaded a video of the couple on Facebook.

In an accompanying caption, the owner wrote:

“On July 5, the two visited my stall and were looking at some of the Tupperware goods.

“However, they accidentally dropped one of the bottles and scratched it. “

The owner then politely requested that they pay for the item as they had damaged it, even referring to a sign displayed at the stall, which read, ‘once broken, considered sold’. 

However the two, instead of being apologetic, heaped insults on the owner instead, refusing to pay for the bottle.

The owner decided to film the two with her phone as evidence.

This prompted the mother and her daughter to take out their phones to film the owner too. 

According to the owner, many passers-by were taken aback by the viciousness of their verbal assaults and stopped to criticise the two.

The mother and daughter, however, accused them of colluding with the owner to cheat them, and called the police. 

When police officers arrived at the scene, the mother admitted that she had dropped the bottle, but was being coerced into paying for it by the owner and her 'collaborators'. 

The owner continued:

“She (the mother) even said she shouldn't have to pay for the damage as the bottle wasn’t completely destroyed.”

When other stall owners vouched for the owner, unequivocally saying that it was the duo’s fault, the two quickly turned on them as well, scolding them. 

The police officers then asked the two for their Identity cards and the owner also took photos of them. 

Said the owner:

“We decided to lodge a police report even though it would cost us more trouble.

“People like these ought to be taught a lesson.

“There’s no reason why we have to bear the consequences when the entire incident was their fault.

“I still cant believe that they would go to such an extent to avoid paying RM28 (S$8.98) for a bottle which they had scratched.

“These people are just unbelievable.”