Most people walk their dogs -- but this woman drags her bird along with leash

Submitted by Stomper JL

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You see people walking their dogs all the time, but how often do you see a bird on a leash?

Stomper JL was outraged when she saw a woman 'walking' her pet bird at Costa Ris, an estate located in Pasir Ris, yesterday afternoon (Jan 14) at around 4.30pm.

A video filmed by JL shows the yellow bird attached to a leash that the woman was holding and being dragged along the ground when it did not walk by itself.

The woman's female companion also appeared to give the creature a nudge with her foot.

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JL told Stomp: "I felt bad when I saw the woman treating a bird like this.

"Is this a new way of walking birds?

"The woman had tied a string to the bird's leg and kept pulling it.

"The bird kept making noise. Both women kept smiling."

While walking your pet bird is not altogether uncommon, most people simply use a harness to secure the bird to their own bodies and let the bird perch on somewhere comfortable, such as their shoulders or hands.

Meanwhile, placing your bird on a leash and letting it walk freely should look like this:

The animal should not be forced to move or handled roughly.

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