More National Day flag faux pas in AMK and Yishun -- wait, isn't that the Indonesian flag?

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National Day means more flags, which means more flag foul-ups.

Stomper TC shared photos of what he called "another faux pas" with a national flag displayed outside a window.

"I spotted this unit in Block 132 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 with floor mats, not one but two, hung over our Singapore flag," said the Stomper.

Stomper Maman shared a photo of not a Singapore flag at Block 471B Yishun Street 42 but the flag of an English Premier League football club.

"Newcastle all the way," said the Stomper sarcastically.

That was still probably not as egregious as using the flag of another country.

Stomper Steven shared a Facebook post by Dragon Brand Bird's Nest on National Day that did just that.

"Why are they using an Indonesian flag without the stars to wish us happy National Day?" asked the Stomper.

When contacted by Stomp, the company said: "We will change the photo immediately to prevent any misunderstanding."

The post no longer has any flag.