Monkeys snatch Red Bull and Pokka Peach Tea from passers-by -- again

Submitted by Stomper Tran, Jin

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When a monkey snatched a cup of Koi bubble tea from a woman earlier this week, most netizens believed it was a one-off thing.

Turns out, other monkeys were also up to no good.

Stomper Tran was with his friend buying drinks from a vending machine at MacRitchie on Nov 12 when a monkey sneakily came up to them from behind.

"We were near the vending machine and my friend was holding a bottle of Pokka Peach Tea when a monkey quietly came towards us," Tran said.

"Then, the monkey just snatched my friend's drink! We were both in shock."

Tran added that his friend told the monkey to "give it back", but to no avail.

"The monkey started to call all his friends to come, and we got scared. So, we just left quickly," Tran said.

In a separate incident, Stomper Jin told Stomp on Monday (Nov 16) that another monkey's antics cost someone his drink.

"I was at Punggol East when I saw a monkey snatch a Red Bull drink from a worker," Jin said.

In the photo that Jin sent, the monkey seems to be thoroughly enjoying the cold beverage.

According to the National Parks Board (NParks), here is what you should do if you encounter a monkey:

  1. Stop whatever you are doing immediately.
  2. Remain calm and quiet. Do not make sudden movements and do not maintain direct eye contact with the monkeys.
  3. Look away and back off slowly. Do not turn away from the monkeys and run.
  4. If you are holding an object which is attracting the monkeys, conceal or discard it.
  5. Do not try to hit the monkeys.
  6. If you have a child with you, put him/her on your shoulders. This will increase your perceived size, which could deter the monkeys from approaching you and your child.
  7. Keep away from the area until the monkeys have left.