Monkeys raid writer's Bukit Timah home, steal cosmetic products

Local writer Tham Yew Chin, also known by her pseudonym You Jin, took to Facebook on Sunday (July 30), complaining about a group of monkeys which had raided her home in Bukit Timah. 

According to the post, the monkeys took fruits, bread, preserved fruits, and biscuits from the kitchen, and littered the floor outside with fruit peels and seeds. 

She also uploaded a photo of three monkeys frolicking in her backyard, saying that the naughty critters were unafraid of humans and did not even attempt to escape.

You Jin told Shin Min Daily News that the monkeys have been visiting her home in the last three to four years.

The authorities were informed when the monkeys became aggressive. 

After the authorities came down, the monkeys disappeared for a few months.

However, they resurfaced again recently.

Said You Jin:

“From the start of July, I've been finding groups of monkeys in my kitchen, scouring for food. 

“They would take all the food on the table, specifically the fruits, even the preserved ones in cans. 

“After they’re done feasting, they would toss the peels away, making a mess in my backyard.”

She lamented that the monkeys would even climb up to her bedroom on the second storey to grab sunscreen lotions, facial masks, and hair serums, before throwing them on the floor. 

She joked:

“No wonder they have such lustrous hair, maybe they used the hair serum after all.”

In response to her post. some netizens have suggested the use of Sambal Belacan, a popular spicy Malaysian chilli, to chase the monkeys away. 

You Jin said that she had not tried out the innovative method yet.

To reduce the number of break-ins, You Jin said she started closing her windows, keeping food inside her fridge instead of the table, and moving her accessories to more secure places.