Monkey 'stranded' for an hour at Sun Plaza after scaling wall and getting spooked by crowd

A monkey attracted a crowd of more than 40 people at Sun Plaza on Sep 12, at around 3.30pm.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the animal scaled a wall at the shopping mall in Sembawang and remained at a corner of the ceiling for around one hour.

A 52-year-old witness said: "It looked very frightened and sat up there, too afraid to come down. It did try standing up and looking around, probably planning an escape."

He added that the monkey was 'trapped' at its position for about an hour and attracted the curiosity of over 40 people.

"The monkey eventually summoned its courage and climbed down a ladder that a worker had provided, before climbing up a yellow pillar," said the witness.

After reaching the top of the pillar, the furry creature went towards Sembawang MRT Station, sprinted 100 metres to a grass patch and into the bushes, then disappeared from sight.

The grass patch is actually only 40 metres away from the shopping mall.

However, the monkey is believed to have been spooked by the large number of people walking around the location and hence, chose an alternative route instead.