Monkey makes boy scream after getting too close at Woodlands playground

Submitted by Stomper Juffry

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A monkey was seen, well, monkeying around at a playground in Woodlands Circle Green Park, frightening a child in the process.

Stomper Juffry alerted Stomp to the incident that occurred on August 2 at around 9.45am.

He also shared a video of what happened.

The video shows the monkey climbing onto the rope bridge and moving towards a child who was playing at the other end of the bridge.

When the child saw the monkey, he got frightened, screamed and moved away quickly.

"The monkey was climbing on the playground and hanged around for quite a while," Juffry shared.

"When I left at around 10.30am, the monkey was still there and the children were quite afraid of it."

The Stomper also mentioned that he found it "quite weird" to see a monkey so deep into the heartlands.

"While it is fascinating to see the monkey there, the children must have gotten a shock," he added.

According to the National Parks Board (NParks), here is what you should do if you encounter a monkey:

  1. Stop whatever you are doing immediately.

  2. Remain calm and quiet. Do not make sudden movements and do not maintain direct eye contact with the monkeys.

  3. Look away and back off slowly. Do not turn away from the monkeys and run.

  4. If you are holding an object which is attracting the monkeys, conceal or discard it.

  5. Do not try to hit the monkeys.

  6. If you have a child with you, put him/her on your shoulders. This will increase your perceived size, which could deter the monkeys from approaching you and your child.

  7. Keep away from the area until the monkeys have left.