Monitor lizards chomp on 2m fish for 'reunion dinner' -- and even have a special guest

Submitted by Stomper Komeadow, Lena

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While we are surrounded by wildlife, it's still fascinating to actually watch them in their natural habitat.

Several lucky visitors got to witness two monitor lizards feasting on a gigantic fish at Keppel Discovery Wetlands in the Singapore Botanic Gardens on Monday evening (Jan 16).

Stomper Komeadow spotted the pair of reptiles at around 5.30pm.

Sharing photos and a video of the incident, she said: "The monitor lizards were having their reunion dinner.

"I'm not sure what fish it was, but I'm surprised a fish of that size could be found in the Botanic Gardens. It was around two metres in length, with a cross-section diameter of around 30cm to 40cm."

This might not be Komeadow's first encounter with monitor lizards at the attraction, but she was nevertheless left in awe by what she saw that day.

She added: "I am fortunate to have witnessed this in Singapore and am amazed at the juxtaposition – a raw and brutal demonstration of the order of nature within the very curated confines of our Botanic Gardens."

Stomper Lena also chanced upon the incredible sight at about 5.50pm while taking an early evening walk.

Even though she is no stranger to monitor lizards, it was her first time seeing them in action.

She recounted: "One monitor lizard had climbed into the fish via its mouth to feed on its insides and the other was tugging at bits of flesh at the head of the fish.

"From the looks and smell of the fish, it was a fresh kill."

Lena also noted that a turtle was "hanging around" while the monitor lizards were devouring their prey.

However, neither species looked bothered by each other's presence.

Lena told Stomp: "I was excited to witness this rare sighting of a predator in action amidst the tranquility of the Botanic Gardens. There's more wildlife in our concrete jungle than I realised!"

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