Monitor lizard jumps from balcony to balcony at Yishun condo before going for a swim

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A family living at the Skies Miltonia condominium in Yishun had an unexpected visitor yesterday afternoon (Mar 9).

A Stomper shared a photo and videos of a monitor lizard that had somehow made its way to her balcony.

"It seemed to want to enter our apartment but could not open the sliding doors," she said.

"The condominium's security guys tried to catch it but it jumped back to our balcony and then to our neighbour's before going into the pool for a swim.

This is the first time the Stomper has seen a monitor lizard in the area.

Eventually, a brave neighbour came to the rescue.

"He cornered the monitor lizard into some bushes before releasing it into a forested area nearby."

Watch the monitor lizard taking a dip in the condo pool in the videos below.