Monitor lizard chills outside Bishan MRT Station, another out on the prowl at Elias Road

Submitted by Stomper Tricia, Hafiz

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How would you spend a Friday afternoon?

Stompers Tricia and Hafiz both saw monitor lizards having a day out at various locations in Singapore yesterday (Sep 22).

Tricia told Stomp that she saw a monitor lizard chilling near Bishan MRT Station at around 1.45pm.

She took a photo of the reptile, which she said was just staying still in one spot, and added: "There were some commuters trying to go near the monitor lizard.

"We reported it to the train staff, who then called somebody."

Hafiz was at Block 607 Elias Road sometime around 12pm to 1pm when he spotted a monitor lizard on the grass patch.

He said: "A lot of passers-by, including me, didn't notice it as it was initially on the grass patch."

He filmed a video that shows the creature crawling about, making a sprint and then slowing down again, before scurrying into a drain.

Watch it below.