Money changer gives out free masks at Syed Alwi Road

Submitted by Stomper Jaseem

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While there are those who are out to make a quick buck by overcharging for face masks amidst the spread of the new coronavirus from Wuhan, there are selfless people giving masks away for free.

Stomper Jaseem was impressed by a money changer at Syed Alwi Road who was giving out free face masks to his customers. 

"I went to change money at S.Abdul Hamid Money Changer at 98 Syed Alwi Road on Sunday (Feb 2) at about 8pm for an upcoming trip," he said.

"The guy who attended to me then gave me a mask."

Jaseem told Stomp that the money changer gave masks to everyone who changed money with him.

"I think he is doing a good job!"

Several Stompers also alerted Stomp to a company giving away free masks to Singaporeans.

U-Gate Design posted on Facebook that its management had 'limited stocks' of masks to give away.

They prompted followers to WhatsApp them to check for availability and noted they are giving away two masks per person.

The company wrote: "Let's help each other to get protected during this difficult period, do a part for society and leave no one behind!"