MOM investigating after Stomper sees workers walking on tent without safety measures in Yishun

Submitted by Stomper JC

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The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) is investigating an incident where a Stomper saw workers walking on top of a tent in Yishun without safety measures.

Stomper JC was running errands and was walking past 2 Yishun Central 2 at about 2.50pm on Tuesday (Sep 17) when he came across the scene.

He told Stomp: "Is the material used for the tent step-proof? A person's weight is walking on it. I didn't see any safety measures in place.

"The surface isn't flat too. It's rounded and the material looks smooth. What if the workers slip?

"Can you imagine what if one of them falls from that height? Something can go terribly wrong. 

"To me, this is completely preventable. It's just dangerous! 

"I don't mean to rile anybody up but it's unsafe. I get that they're trying to make a living but please be safer."

In response to a Stomp query, a MOM spokesperson said: "MOM is aware of the incident and is investigating."

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