MMA fighter who got kicked right in the 'crown jewels': Here's what happened after the match

An update has been given about the condition of an MMA fighter who was given a hard, direct kick right in his crown jewels during a bout.

In an earlier Stomp article, it was reported that Chinese heavyweight Aorigele was kicked by his opponent Myung Hyun-Man at Road FC 39 in Seoul. The match was all but over in 7 seconds after the leg of Myung met the groin of Aorigele.

Following the impact to his private parts, the latter, affectionally known as 'Kunfu Panda', fell onto the floor of the octagon in extreme pain.

Thankfully for him though, there will probably be no lasting damage from the kick he sustained.

According to MMAjunkie, a Road FC official said that Aorigele was discharged from hospital shortly after his admission. The representative of the promotion also added that no lasting or permanent damage was done.

Following the incident, the sportsman in Aorigele prompted him to say the following:

“What’s left now is to return to Road FC after a full recovery, meet Myung Hyun-Man and put on a thrilling match. 

“Many people might have misunderstood what happened in our match. It was totally an accident. Myung Hyun-Man didn’t do it intentionally.”

It is unclear however, if a rematch will be granted.