Mitsubishi lorry driver holds drink in one hand while tailgating Stomper out of Ang Mo Kio carpark

Submitted by Stomper Jack

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Stomper Jack was driving out of a carpark at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 on Thursday morning (June 27) when he got tailgated by another vehicle.

Jack shared a video with Stomp via Facebook of the incident.

As Jack stops, a Mitsubishi lorry can be seen driving towards his car, stopping right at the gantry.

The lorry stops close to the end of Jack's car and inches forward as Jack moves as well.

Jack told Stomp that the driver was driving with one hand and had a drink in another.

Jack said: "Whiplash can lead to serious and permanent injuries. I tried to contact the company that hired this driver but it's hard to find the phone number."