Missing McDonald's? You can get them on Carousell... for as high as $70k for a burger

Submitted by Stomper Lorraine, Oliver

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McDonald's announced on Sunday (Apr 19) the closure of all outlets in Singapore throughout the circuit breaker period — and it did not take long for scalpers to list the fast food giant's food products for sale at jacked-up prices online.

The fast food chain made the decision to suspend all restaurant operations, including delivery and takeaway, until May 4 after seven employees tested positive for Covid-19 in the past week.

Over 130 McDonald's outlets island-wide were closed at 11am on Sunday.

Netizens, including Stompers Lorraine and Oliver, soon noticed McDonald's food products being re-sold at inflated prices on Carousell.

Amongst the ad listings were a Fillet-O-fish Burger priced at $70,000 and a McGriddles Burger going for $69,000.

The users behind these ridiculously-priced listings might have been trolling, but there were also more 'realistic' offers such as $10 for two tubs of McDonald's curry sauce.

Another user had a McGriddles Stack Burger for sale at $50 and said the offer was "valid till 1030hrs" (after which it was presumably consumed by the seller himself).

At the time of writing, all relevant listings on Carousell appear to have been removed.

Well, whether the listings were for real or a joke, there is no doubt that we will all be missing McDonald's dearly.

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