Minister Tan Chuan-Jin visits SPCA for inaugural camp, but this cat steals the show

It is a common joke among animal lovers that cats do what they like, when they like.

These animals are the inspiration behind countless videos and memes of them seemingly bullying their human owners and other animals, to hilarious effect.

When Minister for Social and Family Development Tan Chuan-Jin visited Society for Prevention for Cruelty to Animals Singapore (SPCA Singapore), he experienced the reason for these jokes first-hand.

The minister was visiting to take part in SPCA Singapore's inaugural Animal Welfare Youth Leadership Camp.

According to a post on SPCA Singapore's Facebook page, the two-day-one-night camp is "targeted at youth leaders from upper secondary schools, polytechnics, and junior colleges, with the aim of inspiring the next generation, to be leaders in animal welfare."

The camp aims to equip participants with knowledge in key areas that are directly applicable to animal welfare, such as public policy, law, ethics and science.

The minister was invited to discuss these issue with the youths who were attending and share his experiences.

While touring the SPCA's premises, he also interacted with some of the animals there.

One cat in particular, seemed to take a liking to him.

As he was holding it, it climbed onto his shoulders, which was hilariously captured on photo.

Netizens also shared humorous comments after the minister shared the photos on his Facebook page.