Minister Shanmugam pays tribute to police officer who died after getting hit by car at Maxwell Road

Home Affairs and Law Minister K Shanmugam paid tribute to the female police officer who died after she was hit by a car at the junction of Maxwell Road and Shenton Way on her way home from work on Sunday (Feb 10).

In a Facebook post, Mr Shanmugam wrote: "Mdm Salinah was a police officer. She was a dedicated officer, with 21 years in service.

"She was hit by a car, on Sunday, while crossing the road, in front of her office. Heartbreakingly, she passed away yesterday.

"The driver has been arrested for dangerous driving.

"I met her family at the wake. She leaves behind her husband and three young children.

"A family torn asunder.

"We have over the years stepped up education, enforcement, increased the number of cameras, made our cameras very visible, so that drivers’ behaviour will change.

"But despite these measures, poor driving has been on the increase.

"Last year we decided that penalties for bad driving, will be increased.

"We must try and reduce the risk of losing lives from traffic incidents."

Madam Salinah's husband, Mr Indra Shaiful, made the heartbreaking decision to take her off life support after a CT scan revealed she was brain dead on Thurdsay (Feb 14).