Minister Ong Ye Kun amazed by community spirit in umbrella-sharing service at Sembawang

Despite continued reports about abused and vandalised ofo or oBike bicycles in Singapore, a new umbrella-sharing scheme proves that there is still a spirit of sharing among us.

Mr Ong Ye Kun, a Member of Parliament (MP) for Sembawang GRC, recently shared about a recent experiment in the estate that he was involved in.

He wrote in a Facebook post dated Aug 19:

"We left umbrellas on each side of the road, and invited residents to take them for shelter and return on the other side of the road.

"Alas! A few hours after its launch, all the umbrellas were gone. I think some residents thought a product promotion was going on.

"Our community volunteers topped up the umbrellas, and stationed themselves at the crossing, and explained to residents how the program works.

"And an amazing thing happened. Residents started to contribute their umbrellas. I took four from home and contributed too.

"With a variety of colours, residents now instinctively know these are for sharing."

Mr Ong, who is also the Acting Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence, had observed residents carrying the umbrellas to and fro, as well as returning them to the racks on a rainy day too.

He added, "There is a spirit of sharing and co-operative in our communities. I will monitor the scheme further, before expanding to other parts of my constituency."

Let's hope that when this new initiative does roll out islandwide, we will not start seeing umbrellas dumped at random places, thrown down great heights and the like.