Minister K Shanmugam expresses anger over 'sick post' by Thomas Chua on fallen TP officer Nadzrie Matin

Minister K Shanmugam has expressed his anger over a highly offensive and insensitive Facebook post by Thomas Chua on the death of Traffic Police Staff Sergeant Nadzrie Matin.

Thomas posted two videos of the fallen officer after he was involved in an accident at Serangoon Road while performing traffic patrol duties.

This came despite the police's appeal to the public not to circulate videos or images of the deceased out of respect for his family.

He added the following outrageous remarks to his post:

“Wow Police act so great intimidate also must die ……in the end all Police also will die like everyone in funeral parlour so don’t intimidate just because you a f**king intimidating police. Police the most rewarding.”

He followed that up with:

“Think become police can show off good lah die also in the end like any other civilian. Last time this same TP gave me a ticket because he deem my driving skills no good enough look what happen to him. So don’t think just because you become Police you can break the law show off action somemore. In the end death all must die also regardless u r a police officer or just a layman.”

Thomas's account has been deactivated and the original post has been taken down but screenshots of his post have been circulating on Facebook forcing Minister K Shanmugam to respond, calling it "sick":

"I was deeply upset and angry about a gloating post that one Thomas Chua has made on Police Officer Nadzrie’s death. Nadzrie died while on duty.

"Thomas was gloating about Nadzrie’s death, because Nazdrie had given him a ticket!

"People like Thomas are sick in the head. No decency or any sense of right and wrong.

"What is a TP officer to do when someone breaks the law? It is because of officers like Nadzrie that the rest of us have safety and security.

"Thomas’s comments are an insult to all police officers, and deeply offensive to Nadzrie’s family .

"You wonder what human decency people like Thomas have — to be so self-centred, smug and making nasty remarks about an officer who died doing his duty. While there is a completely distraught wife, grieving parents and family, and teammates who are crying."

In Thomas's Faceboook profile, he identifies himself to be working as a flight attendant at Singapore Airlines.

In response to queries from several angry netizens, Singapore Airlines have responded to the post on their Facebook page clarifying that Thomas is not an employee of the company after investigating the matter.