Minibus driver forcefully unplugs charger from car's charging port at Northpoint City

Submitted by Stomper Angeline

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A minibus driver was caught on video forcefully unplugging a charger from another vehicle's charging port at Northpoint City on Dec 18.

Stomper Angeline shared footage of the incident with Stomp and said her car was parked legally and plugged into a designated charging station at the mall's North Wing B2 carpark.

She also managed to capture a shot of the man's vehicle which indicates the minibus belongs to Yeap Transport.

Angeline said the driver's action raises several concerns and she hopes to raise awareness on electric vehicle (EV) charging behaviour.

With regards to safety, the Stomper said: "Improper handling of charging equipment can damage the charging equipment or cause electrical hazards, leading to unnecessary repair costs for EV charging providers and impacting the availability of charging stations.

"Separately, it could cause damage to the EV car's charging port or electrical system, resulting in repair costs and inconvenience to other EV drivers as the charging process gets disrupted."

She added that the unauthorised tampering of another person's property is 'disruptive, inconsiderate, and could be considered as vandalism'.

Angeline said such incidents threaten public confidence.

"Disrespectful behaviour could erode trust between EV drivers and undermine the charging infrastructure, potentially leading to hesitation in using public charging facilities or discouraging EV adopters," she said.

She offered potential solutions to enable a smooth EV transition: 

  • Educational campaigns for drivers, including but not limited to EV bus fleet drivers about the appropriate use of charging stations and the potential damages for unplugging others' vehicles. 

  • Installing signage and instructions using visuals and simple language to ensure users observe charging etiquette such as not unplugging chargers without permission. Encourage users to report any violation to hold each other accountable. Explore the feasibility of dedicated charging stations for distinct vehicle categories (e.g. passenger cars and commercial buses) to optimise charging accessibility and utilisation. 

  • Partner with local authorities to enhance awareness or instil fines or warnings.