Minder at Malaysia daycare centre pinches boy's private parts after he refuses to take a nap

A minder at a daycare centre in Malaysia allegedly pinched the private parts of a young boy when the latter refused to take a nap.

The incident happened in Sungai Buloh, Selangor, on Nov 17, at around 6pm. 

The boy’s father said the boy's grandmother discovered the wounds as she was giving him a bath, after picking him up from the daycare centre.

According to him, he was shocked to find bruises and red marks on his son’s private parts. 

During a press conference at Wisma MCA on Tuesday (Dec 5), he revealed: "When we asked him (my son) what happened, he said the minder pinched his private parts as punishment for not taking an afternoon nap.

“We sent a text message to the minder to ask about it but she denied any knowledge about my son's injury and said she would have to check the CCTV footage.”

Unconvinced, the boy’s father and grandmother confronted the woman again over the issue, and the woman claimed that the boy had gotten injured while playing with his friends.

Despite her initial answer, the minder confessed her misdeeds and pleaded with the boy's father not to press charges when he threatened to call the police,

The boy’s family is now seeking legal action against the daycare centre, reports The Star

MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Seri Michael Chong said that he was appalled by the punishment that the boy received.

He also urged parents to be aware of how their children are being treated at the daycare centres, adding: "Last month, a girl gagged her younger brother because her minder had done it to her as a punishment for being noisy.

"Luckily, her parents found out and were able to prevent anything worse from happening."