Michelle Chong's Ah Lian promotional video for Netflix show leaves netizens in stitches

Singlish is truly, uniquely Singaporean.

Which is why we are always captivated when we see it used in an international show.

Recently, netizens went gaga after a promotional clip for the hit Netflix show Orange Is The New Black went viral.

The clip feature Singapore actress Michelle Chong playing an 'ah lian' who was a new inmate at the prison.

Her hilarious exchanges with another inmate nicknamed 'Crazy Eyes' will leave you in stitches.

Not to mention the fact that Michelle peppers her speech with Singlish flavour, making the clip all the more humorous for Singapore viewers.

Adding to the comic factor are the subtitles, which appear in perfect English even though Michelle is speaking in Singlish.

For example, she tells Crazy Eyes, "Wah, your hair sibei champion ah," and the subtitles show ,"Your hair's really awesome."

Take look at the clip at Netflix's Facebook page.