Michelle Chong endorsing slimming gummy bears on FB? Scammers 'anyhow use limbu's pictures'

It is a scam.

Local actress and filmmaker Michelle Chong is warning people not to fall for fake Facebook ads using photos of her to sell a slimming product called Let's Keto, which looks like gummy bears.

She said that she has made a police report because many people have been scammed.

The former Noose star first warned others about the scam on Facebook on Jan 23.

Chong wrote: "Didn’t want to dedicate a post on the second day of CNY to a scam, but I have no choice because I have literally received hundreds of messages and emails asking me about Let’s Keto (??) from people who want to purchase it! I can’t imagine the number of people who have already bought it!

"Also, I have reported a number of times to Meta, but they just don’t think having me, the original 'Michelle Chong' account, reporting on these fake accounts using my name and pics from my IG/FB to sell these weight loss products is reason enough to ban them. After the billions spent on their AI, they can’t even spot a simple scam."

Didn’t want to dedicate a post on the second day of CNY to a scam but I have no choice, because I have literally...

Posted by Michelle Chong on Sunday, January 22, 2023

Meta is the company that owns Facebook and Instagram.

She later wrote in a comment: "I have made a police report. But I’m still receiving the ads that people send me."

On Jan 30, she wrote in a comment on another Facebook post: "This is another scam that people should be careful of! They anyhow use limbu’s pictures and when you pay them money, they won’t send you anything and will keep deducting more money from your credit card!"

She also shared a screenshot of someone commenting: "Hi, I ordered the Keto, but I got scammed. Very sad."

Chong replied: "Quickly cancel your credit card before they deduct more money! And make a police report!"

The next day, she wrote in all caps in a Facebook post: "Please stop asking me about the gummies. They are a scam. How many times must I say it? They photoshopped my pics and if you order, you will get nothing because there is no real product. Your money will be gone. I‘ve reported this many times to Facebook and Instagram, but the scammers will just start new accounts."

On Saturday morning (Feb 4), Chong shared a screenshot of a Let's Keto ad where she is quoted as saying: "Down 10 in eight days, two from my target. It all melts away very quickly, even in my most difficult areas."

She tried to warn people by commenting on the ad: "I'm Michelle Chong and this is a scam." Then someone asked her: "Why you say so? Any experience?"

Frustrated, Chong posted: "I give up."

You have been warned.