Merlion or Godzilla? Netizens divided on what the clouds look like in Stomper's video

Submitted by Stomper Bahtiar

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What do you see?

A video of the sky taken from a plane has become almost like a celestial Rorschach test as different people are seeing different things in the clouds.

Stomper Bahtiar, who shared the video, said he took it while flying back to Singapore from Penang last month.

"This video was taken from a Scoot plane touching down at Changi," said the Stomper.

When asked what the clouds looked like to him, he told Stomp: "A feature of a human head looking into the future perhaps."

It was suggested that the clouds resembled the head of a lion representing Singapore.

The Stomper said: "Wow, perfectly figured, our Singapore lion spirit up in the skies. Together, we will overcome any challenges ahead united regardless of race, language or religion."

One netizen commented, "Like Mufasa", referring to the father figure in the movie The Lion King.

Others imagined the lion's head came with a fishtail.

"Wow, the Merlion awaits your safe return!" commented one netizen.

Another even concocted a brief backstory: "Mature Merlion missed young Merlion. Mature Merlion at Fullerton One, young Merlion at Mount Faber."

A few saw a dragon instead of a lion.

"The clouds form a dragon boat for the upcoming dragon boat festival," said a netizen.

Another commented: "Godzilla eating breakfast!"

Someone suggested, hopefully in jest: "Donald Trump?"

One netizen simply mused about the joy of looking at clouds.

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