Mercedes runs red light at Toa Payoh junction: 'Another major tragedy waiting to happen'

Submitted by Stomper Jo

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A Mercedes-Benz was caught on camera running a red light at a Toa Payoh junction on May 12.

Stomper Jo shared dashcam video of the incident, which took place at 12.20pm.

Coming from Toa Payoh Rise, the Stomper had stopped his vehicle at a T-junction and waited for the light to change.

When the light changed to green, he started to turn right into Lorong 1 Toa Payoh.

As he was about to enter the yellow box of the junction, a red car suddenly came from the right and drove across the yellow box in front of him.

The long blare of a car horn and exclamations can be heard.

After the red car went past, the Stomper continued turning to Lorong 1 Toa Payoh. Another car can be seen in the lane to the right of the Stomper's vehicle making the turn as well.

"The reckless red Mercedes-Benz GLB speeding and running the red light almost caused a multiple-car collison," said the Stomper.

"Another major tragedy waiting to happen."

In April, a car driver was charged with dangerous driving causing death, dangerous driving causing hurt and dangerous driving as well as failing to stop after an accident involving eight-vehicles that killed two people in Tampines.