Merc driver knocks motorcyclist off bike, causing him to hit wheel of moving trailer truck

A motorcyclist was knocked off his bike by a Mercedes-Benz driver along Jurong Town Hall Road on April 23 at around 9.20am.

The video was posted on Facebook and showed the rider hitting the rear wheels of a passing trailer truck as he fell down.

Fortunately, he did not end up under the heavy vehicle.

In the video, the Mercedes-Benz driver hits the motorcyclist as they are about to turn to the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

He hits the rider with the left side of his vehicle causing the biker to jerk forward, lose his balance and fall down.

Although many netizens have slammed the Merc driver's action, some said the rider should have stayed in the middle of the lane to avoid an accident from happening.