Men in headlocks, exchange blows after accident at Second Link

Submitted by Stomper Jun Ye Wu

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A trio of men were caught on video shouting at each other and exchanging blows in a dispute that happened along the Malaysia–Singapore Second Link.

Stomper Jun Ye Wu posted a video of the incident in Stomp's public Facebook group on June 17.

In his caption, the Stomper said that the dispute involved the driver of a Singapore-registered car and a driver of a Malaysia-registered car.

"Don't ask why I didn't help," he wrote in his caption.

"I didn't want to create any trouble. 

"I was merely outside Customs.

"Who's right and who's wrong, watch the video and analyse yourselves."

According to Shin Min Daily News, the dispute arose after the Singapore driver allegedly hit the rear of the Malaysia-registered car as he was attempting to overtake.

It is reported that at the time of the incident, there was a huge traffic jam and a long queue of cars.

In the video, the drivers and passengers from both vehicles are seen engaging in a heated exchange of words that are mostly indecipherable.

(Story continues after video)

After a while, the Singapore driver of the blue car, clad all in black, returns to his car and tells his companion, "let's just go".

However, the Malaysian driver, wearing a yellow T-shirt, and his female companion continue to shout at them and are heard threatening to take photos.

The driver of the blue car says, "Take, take!"

He then gets out of his car with his own phone and says to his friend in Malay slang, "He thinks I'm scared of him or what?"

This triggers the Malaysian driver to storm over to where the Singapore driver is and put him in a headlock before dragging him to the side of the road, hitting the rear of the car Jun Ye was in.

The man in yellow says the Singapore driver's attitude is too much and adds, "If I don't beat him, how can I take it?"

The Singapore driver's friend quickly joins in the fray and pulls the man wearing yellow away from the man in black and puts him in a headlock too before throwing him to the ground.

The Malaysian driver's female companion rushes in and starts slapping the men to break up the fight.

The Singapore driver yells at her, "We were just talking but your man came at me."

The scuffle continues until the group is blocked by a car and the video ends.