Men 'hijack' and board taxi that others already flagged down, offer cabby extra $10

Two men boarded a taxi that had already been flagged down by other people and insisted that the driver take them to their destination, even offering him more money if he complied.

The cabby, William Lee, shared what happened in a Facebook post yesterday (April 1), along with a video of the encounter.

According to the video's time-stamp, the incident occurred at around 8.45pm on March 31.

William said that the men "hijacked my taxi when I stopped for a mother and her daughter along East Coast Road" and "offered to pay me $10 extra to take them to The Caribbean".

According to him, the men refused to alight his taxi until he reached for his phone to call the police.

(story continues below video)

In the video, the men can be seen standing in the middle of the road with their arms outstretched, and running towards William's taxi when he stopped by the roadside for his intended passengers.

They then boarded his taxi and despite William's protests, can be heard saying:

"What you gonna do? What you gonna do? We're in the cab."

"We'll give you an extra ten."

"We can stay forever, man."

"You call the police, bro. You call the police, man."

William has earned praise from netizens for keeping calm in the situation and doing the right thing. They also lauded him for being "a man of principle" by choosing to pick up the female passengers instead of accepting the men's money.

"Respect is to be earned. Good example!" commented one user.