Meet this friendly neighbourhood policewoman -- who loves to draw, paint and help people

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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What do police officers do when they are not busy fighting crime and keeping us safe?

A recent Facebook post by Hougang Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC), which Stomper Anonymous shared, might give you an idea.

In its post on Oct 31, we are introduced to Sergeant Sally Chiam, who is stationed at Hougang NPC.

Hello, I’m W/SGT Sally Chiam!

I am also your friendly neighbourhood policewoman, and of Hougang that is, because I’m...

Posted by Hougang NPC on Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Despite the challenges of being a policewoman, Sally said it is also rewarding and fulfilling, with one of the key reasons behind her career choice being: "I simply enjoy helping people."

Asked how she spends her free time, Sally revealed how drawing and painting has always been her interest.

"Right now, during my off days, I still do so from time to time," she added.

Stomper Anonymous also said: "So chio!"