Meal plan subscriber horrified to get rice with seaweed as a 'dish' instead of meat or veggies

Submitted by Stomper Allan

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He had subscribed to the Omakase Family Tingkat meal plan from Neo Garden Catering.

Stomper Allan said he paid $360 for a 20-day subscription of four dishes for two people starting this month.

He had expected every dish to be a meat or vegetable dish, but on Wednesday (April 12), he had a surprise.

"To my horror, one dish was just plain rice with some seaweed on top," said the Stomper.

"We had ordered four dishes, assuming they were cooked vegetables or meat dishes. Even fried rice is acceptable for us, but plain rice is just not acceptable as one 'dish'."

He pointed out that there was an option to add rice for $1.

"So if I had opted in for rice, that would mean I would've ended up with four plates of plain rice total for two people?" asked the Stomper.

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesman for Neo Garden Cathering said: "Thanks for contacting us about the feedback on the seaweed rice dish. We love hearing from our customers, and we take all feedback seriously, which helps us understand what our customers like.

"The seaweed rice is specifically designed to complement our Korean menu. Our classic seaweed rice is made with premium Japanese rice cooked in dashi broth and superior-grade soy sauce, and topped with sesame oil and seaweed flakes.

'It is a dish that we found to pair best with the other dishes, after repeated testing. However, we understand that seaweed rice may not appeal to everyone’s tastes, and we will relook into our menus to improve with this feedback.

"Our Korean menu is one of our special menus served only on Wednesday. Every Wednesday, we serve our customers something different from their usual Tingkat meal plan. We take pride in offering our customers fresh dining experiences while maintaining our signature home-cooked style."