McDonald’s responds to video of man raging at employees: Employees do not deserve to be shouted at

McDonald’s has responded to a viral video of a man yelling at its employees manning a Dessert Kiosk at Hougang Mall.

In an official statement, the fast food giant said that it was aware of the incident and believes that its employees do not deserve to be shouted at. 

A footage of the incident taken by Stomper Caren shows the man shouting at two McDonald’s employees. 

Apparently, the man was upset that he had been asked to make payment before he finished placing his orders.

Rants the man:

“You don't tell me sorry because I very angry.

“What! I haven’t order finish. Money, money, money. What is this?”

Despite multiple attempts by an employee to alleviate the situation, the man only became angrier, demanding to see the restaurant manager.

At one point, the man takes out some bills from his wallet and slams the money on the counter, adding:

“What? My face, I got no money to pay for this ice cream?

"Money? I got no money to pay the ice cream? F***!”

In response to the incident, a McDonald’s spokesman told The Straits Times:

“While our employees strive to do their best every day to serve our customers with care, we also hope that any unintended misunderstandings can be resolved amicably.

“We believe that under any circumstance, our employees - just like any human being - should be treated with respect, and do not deserve to be shouted at in the manner as portrayed in the video.”

According to Stomper Caren, the man eventually left the kiosk with an ice cream cone, but returned with it half-eaten and complained that it was not the flavour he had ordered.

Despite an employee offering to change the cone for him, he continued to make a scene.