McDonald's responds after man finds 'green fry' in meal: "There is no food safety concern"

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Stomper M was concerned when he found a 'green fry' in his McDonald's meal on Jan 21.

He told Stomp he had ordered a meal to-go from the fast-food chain's Pioneer Mall outlet at around midnight but only found the fry when he was halfway through the bag.

Fearing that the greenish hue indicated mould, he threw the rest of his meal away.

However, in response to a Stomp query, McDonald's assured customers that there is no food safety concern.

"Food safety and our customers’ well-being are of paramount importance to us," a spokesman said.

"We would like to assure customers that there is no food safety concern as the greenish appearance occurs when the potatoes are exposed to sunlight.

"However, rest assured that we will address this with our suppliers and remind them to be more mindful when checking the products in future."

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