Man from May North Primary looking for classmates for reunion with teacher in her 80s

Submitted by Stomper Phua

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Stomper Phua is looking for 11 of his primary school classmates from Class 6A of May North Primary School, back in 1979.

Phua told Stomp that he has been intending to organise a gathering for many years, but the meeting did not materialise as he could never get everyone together.

This year he hopes to organise a Teacher’s Day gathering.

Said Phua: "I want to organise a Teacher Day’s gathering for our form teacher, Mrs Tan Kay Beng, who is already more than 80 years old. 

"I also managed to get hold of Mrs Huang, our discipline mistress."

Throughout the years, he has managed to get in contact with 30 of his classmates, which leaves 11 of them still unaccounted for. 

These 11 classmates are: 

  • Wei Ling
  • Thian Aun
  • Siong Fatt
  • Eng Suan
  • Gek Ling
  • Siew Keng
  • Jee Buay
  • Sy Shyan
  • Kwee Ian
  • Yen Peng
  • Tong Poh

Phua said that the school buildings were demolished in 2012, but he hopes to make the gathering a reality, adding: "Please help me out if you know them!"

If you know any of the person stated here, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.