Master of camouflage watches visitor at Admiralty Park

Submitted by Stomper Alif

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Nature is home to flora and fauna that might appear invisible to our naked eye at first glance.

However, pay close enough attention and you might just get to encounter rare beauty.

Stomper Alif was at Admiralty Park on Saturday evening (May 15) when he noticed a green snake on a tree.

The bright green snake appeared well-hidden among leaves and branches of the tree.

Alif said: "I was walking normally when I came across the snake. This is my first time finding a snake at Admiralty Park and I was excited to see it this close."

According to the National Parks Board website, green snakes are mildly venomous but usually not aggressive.

They can be found in wooded areas, as well as parks and gardens.

Identifiable by their distinct head and slender body, they have a prominent snout that is twice as long as the width of their eye.

Adults are a bright fluorescent green colour, while juveniles are yellow to pale brown.

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