Cracks on Adam Rd repaired, all lanes reopened

Update at 12pm:

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said in an official statement that it had discovered cracks along a stretch of Adam Road, after the MacRitchie Flyover, at 8am this morning.

Two of the four lanes were closed to facilitate repairs. 

All the lanes were re-opened at about 9.55am after the LTA determined that the road was safe for road users. 

Despite the re-opening of the lanes, the traffic jam persisted even after 10.30am. 

The LTA is currently investigating the matter. 

A civil engineer who declined to be named told The Straits Times that the cracks were likely caused by soil movements below the road, and may be related to construction works in the vicinity. 

The engineer added that the rain could have contributed to the loss of ground by draining away the soil, thus "weakening the site". 

Original article:

Cracks formed on Adam Road on Friday morning (June 1), causing a massive traffic congestion.  

Several Stompers received circulating photos of the incident and alerted Stomp to it.

In a photo, a crack is observed to span across at least two lanes, and traffic cones have been placed on the road to direct the vehicles. 

According to The Straits Times, the cracks occurred near the construction side of the Bukit Brown road and were caused by a subterranean heaving of the earth. 

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is currently investigating the matter, and drivers are advised to find an alternate route.