Massive 5-metre long python that apparently devoured pregnant goat found in Indonesia

A 5-metre long python that apparently ate a pregnant goat was found in Pemukiman Warga, Indonesia.

In a video posted by a netizen on May 14, the snake can be seen on a patch of grass with a huge bulge in its stomach. Its head was covered with a piece of cloth.

A group of men were standing around and observing the massive serpent.

In another video, several able-bodied individuals can be seen carrying the python through a forest.

Due to its sheer size and weight, the men had difficulty transporting the snake.

At the end of the video, the man removed the cloth from the snake's head, suggesting that they had intended to return the python to its natural habitat away from residential areas.

The videos have garnered a total of close to 4 million views since they were posted. Have a look at them below. Both footages have been combined into one clip.