Mark Lee mocks pics badly edited to make him look like a criminal: 'People don't believe this, right?'

Suzanne Sng
The Straits Times
Feb 21, 2023

Local actor-comedian Mark Lee has called out scammers for a series of badly edited photos which make him look like a criminal.

Taking to his Instagram Stories on Monday, the 54-year-old shared three photos and wrote in Chinese: “Am I a wanted criminal all over the world? Can you get an expert to edit your photos? People don’t believe this, right?”

He added: “Let’s take a look at these classic works of art.”

The first photo showed a man being escorted by FBI agents, with Lee’s disproportionately small head pasted on the man’s body. The original 2014 image was of American mobster Vincent Asaro.

In the second picture, Lee’s face was superimposed onto the body of former Chinese politician Bo Xilai, who was convicted in 2013 of bribery and embezzlement, with a policeman standing next to him.

A third photo showed Lee standing with two police officers.

The photos were also made to look like screengrabs from news channel CNA, with sensational headlines that read “A scandal that shocked the whole world”, “Mark Lee didn’t know the camera was still recording” and “Is this the end of his career?”.

The entertainer, who has been in show business for 25 years, warned his followers not to believe these scams and reminded them that he has only one Instagram account, which is verified with a blue tick.

“Don’t believe in accounts that ask you to buy or invest anything. These scammers are everywhere, so please be careful. If you see them, report and block them immediately.”

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