Man's coloured hairspray suddenly 'explodes' and ricochets off room walls

Submitted by Stomper Philip

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Stomper Philip had a can of hairspray which suddenly exploded on Oct 19 at about 3pm, leaving stains on the walls and carpet of his master bedroom.

His son heard several loud bangs coming from Philip's room. 

He entered the room and saw black stains all over the white walls and carpet of Philip's master bedroom. 

Philip entered a short while later, took photos of the stained walls and sent them to Stomp.

He said: "I know that the can of hairspray was at the sink area. When I entered the room after my son called me, the can was behind the dressing table."

Philip and his wife had bought two cans of hairspray from a shop in Kovan about four months ago to use as hair dye toner. 

The bottles of hairspray were unopened.

They had left the two cans in the on the sink in the toilet of their master bedroom.

According to Philip, after inspecting the bottle, he found that most of the spray had probably exited through the bottle's nozzle.

Philip said: "It could have potentially been very dangerous if anyone was in the room. The bottle actually flew out from the toilet to the dressing table in our room.

"The can probably jumped around and hit the walls and the carpet as there were stains left behind from the hairspray."

He threw the other bottle away to prevent the same thing from happening.