Mango tree falls on car at MacPherson, shatters rear windscreen

Submitted by Stomper Low, Sherbert

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A mango tree at Block 150 Kampong Ampat in MacPherson fell today (Jun 6) at around 11.15am, smashing the rear windscreen of a black car below.

Stomper Low who was in her office nearby heard a loud bang and rushed to the windows to take a look. 

She subsequently took photos of the fallen trees, and interestingly, a group of passers-by who stopped to move the tree from the affected vehicle. 

According to Low, her colleague called the SCDF and police for assistance, and at around 12.45pm, several construction workers arrived along with two police officers.

A passing motorcyclist also stopped his bike and went to help. 

Then incident was also witnessed by Stomper Sherbet who parked his car vehicle nearby, about three lots behind the affected car.

Said Sherbert:

“The tree seemed to have fallen from inside private compounds onto the road.

“A lot of people who were passing by were busy grabbing mangoes.

“It’s quite comical.”

Sherbert added that after he returned from lunch at about 1pm, there were several patrol vehicles at the scene and workers who had crowded around the fallen tree to move it.