Manager suspended after seen screaming at pregnant lady in Malaysia: "You! What are you good at?"

A woman, believed to be a manager in Malaysian telecommunications company Maxis was seen shouting at a pregnant lady and her colleague for not doing their work well.

A one-and-a-half minute long video of this incident was posted on Facebook yesterday (Sep 30), amassing more than 447,000 views and more than 4,700 shares on Facebook.

The woman shouted: "Sit down here and send the 'SMS' now! Look, why can't you do as you are told?

"You! What are you good at?" she directed at the pregnant woman.

The act caused people on Twitter react and many were disgusted and angered by her actions.

According to a Youtube channel 2018 Viral Malaysia, a Twitter user by the name of Haniff Husein, said: “Sack her or we as Maxis customer will port out to another service provider!"

Another Twitter user, Hirolee, posted: “No action against this trash manager?? It’s time to leave Maxis, then..."

Maxis posted a tweet a statement regarding the incident: “Recently, a video was brought to our attention pertaining to a workplace incident. We regret this incident which is currently under investigation. Meanwhile the employee in question has been suspended indefinitely.

“This incident is not reflective of the values that we uphold, which is creating a passionate, positive and collaborative workspace for all our employees. We have reached out to the affected employees and expressed our regret over the incident."