Man who trolled scammer until he spewed vulgarities now leaves another caller speechless

Submitted by Stomper SinghIsKing

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Scammers who call Stomper SinghIsKing, thinking that he's going to be another unsuspecting victim, clearly don't know who they are dealing with.

He previously trolled a scammer who claimed to be from DBS Bank until the latter was left hurling a string of vulgarities.

On Wednesday (Mar 11) evening, the Stomper received yet another scam call from a number that similarly begins with +92, the country code for Pakistan.

SinghIsKing said: "It was the same thing. He claimed to be calling from DBS and wanted my particulars so that he could hack into my account."

Undeterred, SinghIsKing played along with caller.

In an audio clip that he recorded and shared with Stomp, SinghIsKing can be heard acting clueless and asking various questions such as: "Mr Lee Hsien Loong has approved it ah?"

The scammer appears thrown off and pauses before responding: "Yes, sir. You tell me, sir, which card you are using. You using a Mastercard, Visa card or something?"

SinghIsKing says: "I am using the PAP card."

Confused, the scammer asks, "What do you mean by that?" but is told by SinghIsKing that he should know if he is really calling from DBS in Singapore.

This leaves the scammer speechless. Score!

For more information on such scams and how you can protect yourself, check out these advisories from DBS and the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

You may also call the anti-scam helpline at 1800-722-6688 or go to

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