Man who stole $159 shoes from Eunos corridor, you have 24 hours to return them

Submitted by Stomper O

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A man was caught on camera stealing a pair of branded shoes along a Housing Board (HDB) corridor in Eunos on Friday (Oct 7).

The incident occurred on the 12th floor of Block 2 Eunos Crescent at around 9.40pm.

Stomper O said the Onitsuka shoes cost $159 but more importantly, has sentimental value.

O is giving the culprit 24 hours to return the footwear before pursuing further action.

O told Stomp: "I was visiting my mum on the 12th floor and placed my Onitsuka shoes on the shoe rack outside.

"When I wanted to leave, I discovered my shoes were gone! I looked at CCTV footage and saw this man with a gold bracelet taking it away at 9.40pm.

"If you see this, I am giving you 24 hours to return my shoes."

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