Man who slapped daughter's classmate gets 2 weeks' jail

A man was sentenced to two weeks’ jail after intruding into a primary school classroom, and slapping a nine-year-old boy who was allegedly bullying his daughter. 

The incident happened on Oct 7, 2015, when the accused's daughter told him that she did not want to go to school, as a schoolmate was ‘disturbing’ her.

The 47-year-old accused then drove her to school and was allowed entry into the school compounds after telling a security guard that he was going to see the principal.

He and his daughter then went to a classroom on the third storey and intruded into a music lesson, where he slapped the victim after his daughter identified him. 

The accused, who works as a hawker, proceeded to lecture the whole class about how it was wrong to bully others, or behave like gangsters.

The accused was sentenced to two weeks’ jail by Justice See Kee Oon, following an appeal by the prosecution, which argued that the initial sentence of a S$3,500 fine was too lenient, reports The Straits Times

The victim was reportedly so traumatised by the slap and criticism that he wetted his pants. 

Justice See went on to agree that the new sentence would address the need for deterrence, the damaged done, as well as the man’s culpability.

He disagreed with the district judge’s conclusion that a fine was sufficient as the accused had acted in the heat of the moment, and that the injuries were not serious.

Justice See said:

“What is especially aggravating is the respondent's deplorable violation of the sanctity of the school environment and the distress and disquiet caused to the children and their teacher.”

Justice See also disagreed with the district judge’s assessment of the case as a man who was trying to protect his daughter. 

He added:

“With respect, this cannot possibly be a relevant factor in mitigation when the "protection" took the form of striking a vulnerable and defenceless nine year-old child.”

The judge allowed the accused to start serving his sentence on Aug 10, out of consideration of the impact that it would have on his livelihood.

The fine which the accused had paid will also be refunded.