Man watches woodpecker hammering away thanks to iPhone's zoom prowess

Submitted by Stomper Tatay

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Ever seen a woodpecker at work?

A man had a front-row seat despite not being armed with binoculars or the like. Instead, all he had was his iPhone 13 Pro Max, which has amazing zoom capabilities.

Stomper Tatay shared a video that he took of a woodpecker pecking away at a tree in Flora Drive on Thursday (June 16), at around 9am.

A loud rhythmic tapping can be heard as the woodpecker hits its beak against tree bark.

At one point, the video zooms out to reveal just high up the bird really is.

Tatay said: "It was just another normal morning of going to work when I heard a short hammering sound from above me. The sound made felt very familiar and took me back to my childhood days.

"And I was right, it was a woodpecker. The sound reminded me of the cartoon show and character, The Woody Woodpecker.

"This was one of the normal days that became worth remembering."

Woodpeckers peck at wood to mark territory, find a mate, excavate a nesting hole or find insects. They have also been known to peck at buildings, siding, metal, and air conditioners.

According to online reports, a bird may drum more than 8,000 times per day.