Man washes car in carpark while another man is lying on floor with hands behind back being arrested

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March 31, 2023

Talk about nonchalance. 

While washing a car at a multi-storey car park at Block 592 Montreal Link in Sembawang, a man rather dispassionately continues working, while another man laid face down on the floor behind him, under police arrest.

An eight-second TikTok video of the incident, with the caption “just casually washing car while someone is getting arrested” captures the incident which occurred on Monday (March 27). 

The man who was arrested had his face on a wheel stop, with his hands behind his back, on the wet ground.

@nomoneysniper i think i’m living in a GTA simulation bc this was so funny #tiktoksg ♬ Funny video "Carmen Prelude" Arranging weakness(836530) - yo suzuki(akisai)

One commenter said the man who got arrested had to lie on the wet ground as a result of the car wash.

The worker, of course, didn’t appear too concerned by this, though he did at least flash a smile at the camera for an instant.

Shin Min Daily News reported on March 29 that five men were arrested at the car park at about 7pm that day, in connection with more than 200 e-vaporisers and related components found in boxes.

The suspects were apparently chased up the sixth floor of the car park and cornered.

A police car involved was used to block off the access down the car park.

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