Man walks in middle of West Coast Rd, approaches moving vehicles and attempts to open car doors

Submitted by Stomper Audi

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Stomper Audi was driving along West Coast Road when he saw a man walking in the middle of the street and approaching moving cars on Friday (May 25) at about 11.20am.

Audi shared a video of the incident that was recorded on his dashboard car camera.

In the video, the man approaches vehicles on the road in what appears to be an aggressive manner.

(Story continues after video)

Another man attempts to stop the guy who then breaks free and continues on his path as cars try to manoeuvre around him.

When Audi saw the man coming towards him, he immediately locked his car's doors.

"I had a feeling he was going to try something," Audi said.

"When he reached my car he started knocking on it and tried to open the doors but couldn't.

"I drove off and then he went towards another car behind me."

Stomp understands that the man had been consuming alcohol with a group of friends nearby before walking out onto the road.