Police called after man spotted walking in middle of Dunearn Road at 2am

Submitted by Stomper Vinx

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What was he doing there?

A man was caught on camera walking in the middle of Dunearn Road at 2am on Thursday (May 4) and was later stopped by the police.

Stomper Vinx shared dash cam footage of the incident as well as a photo of the man with the police.

"Even if that idiot was attempting to commit suicide, he would still get any motorist who hits him into trouble. The motorist could get their driving licence suspended, pay unnecessary legal fees and also face possible jail time and fines," said the Stomper.

"After about 45 minutes, I drove by that road again. This time, I saw a police car and a man at the road side.

"I stopped my car and talked to the police, who told me they received reports about someone walking in the middle of the highway at Dunearn Road."

Stomp understands that the man reeked of alcohol and was not arrested.