Man unable to get refund for wrong GrabFood order due to 'rise in compensation requests'

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A GrabFood customer is at a loss after his refund request was denied due to a 'rise in compensation requests'.

Stomper AT told Stomp that when he ordered a meal from McDonald's at Tampines Mart on Mar 22, the rider reportedly took the wrong order.

"I had to order the same meal again," he said.

"On Mar 23 they refunded me $33.40."

On Mar 31, he ordered 6-piece nuggets from Tampines Mart and received cheesy fries instead.

"This time I got a message from Grab that they wouldn't refund me due to a rise in compensation requests from my account," he said.

"I faced two restaurants packing the wrong order in just one week.

"Is it my fault that they sent the wrong order or missed my order?

"How am I going to trust GrabFood's service?"

He added that GrabFood could 'keep' his money but he demands an explanation for them citing that he has had a rise in compensation requests.

"Am I a scammer?"