Man tries to wake up couple who are 'knocked out drunk' on pavement at North Canal Road

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A man was seen trying to wake up a couple who were apparently knocked out drunk by the side of North Canal Road.

A video of the couple was posted on's Facebook page and according to the post, the incident happened on Sunday (June 30) at about 9am.

In the video, the man is seen crouching down to pat the guy lying on the pavement.

He is heard saying: "Wake up, wake up! [It's] 9 o'clock. Fall in. Sleeping on the roadside, you know, dangerous."

Both the man and the woman have their legs on the road, putting themselves at risk of being hit by oncoming traffic.

The guy on the ground stirs but does not get up.

The man then walks away and tells the person recording the video the couple must be drunk after a 'happening' night.

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